Title		Quadrel
Game Type	Puzzle
Players		1 or 2
Company		Loricel
Compatibility	All (With WHDLoad)
HD Installable	Yes (With WHDLoad)
Submission	Chris Vella  cvella@specdata.com Profiled Reviewer

    I was pleasantly surprised when I first played this puzzle game. The
game idea is a simple one and is executed perfectly. The aim of the game is
to try to colour in as many boxes as possible without running out of your
1 of 4 paint colours. Once a box is coloured in, you can only use a
different colour to colour in a box that is touching that box that is
already coloured. In other words no two boxes of the same colours can be
toucing each other. The boxes come in different sizes so the bigger boxes
may have as many as 12 smaller boxes touching it as compared to a smaller
box which might only have 3 boxes touching it. The first person who can't
use at least one of their paint colours to colour a box loses the game.

    Each person has 4 colour paints, red, blue, yellow and green. Each
paint bucket has a limited amount of paint. The whole game is strategy;
you try to colour in boxes that will prevent your opponent from using his
colours. You can play against the computer, who by the way plays a good
game, but a human opponent adds more and different gameplay strategy.

    The game graphics are very simple and so is the sound but a game like
this doesn't need anything fancy. Everything about the game is well done
and has kept me playing this over and over especially when I lose a game
to the computer. If you like puzzle/thinking type games then you must get
this gem of a game. You will not regret it!

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