Prince of Persia

Title		Prince of Persia
Game Type	Platform
Players		1
Compatibility	AGA Patch available
Submission	Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

Okay, Prince of Persia is a platform game, but somehow that doesn't seem
to do it justice. I remember being impressed by the quality of the
animation when I first saw the game, although the backgrounds and choice
of palette are not exactly breathtaking. It's really the difficulty curve
and design that make the game really stand out. Things start off on just
the right side of frustrating, and although the game gradually gets
tougher, the introduction of greater depth and twists in the plot, just
make the game too much fun to give up on. The plot is basically that you
have to escape the dungeons and upper levels in order to free the princess
before the wicked wizard returns and forces himself on her.... or
something. This must be completed within an hour of game time, which is
fairly good going. Not my sort of game really, but it has been so well
designed that I just had to finish it. What greater praise can I give?

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