The Plague

Title		The Plague
Publisher       Innerprise
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1
Compatibility	OCS (AGA patch available)
HD Installable	Patch available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This game can best be described as a running and jumping shoot'em up.

   You control a man who must make his way to the end of the level while
shooting every creature and avoiding obstacles. The game scrolls from left
to right and all the sprites are HUGE. Along the way you will be
constantly attacked by a variety of enemy creatures. The creatures range
from giant flies to eyeballs to spear shooting creatures. The creatures
attack in set patterns but are pretty numerous. At the end of each level
you must face the guardian, this creature must be shot many times to be
killed. Your starting weapon is a basic gun but there are different
weapons to collect along the way. Also holding down the fire button for a
second will release a flameball. This weapon can take out a bunch of
enemies at a time. There are obstacles that must be avoided along the way,
fire pits must be jumped over, some other weapons come out of the ground
and attack you and these must also be avoided.

   The graphics in the game are very good, and all the sprites are HUGE.
The intro picture is also pretty cool. The levels are pretty well designed
and joystick response and collision detection is also very good. The game
plays well but I somehow feel that something is missing in the game. I
can't point my finger on it however, Maybe it's because the game really
didn't get my adrenaline flowing. Since everything attacks in set
patterns, the game always feels the same. Having some artificial
intelligence for the enemies would have made this a much better game. You
will enjoy playing the first couple of times you play but will eventually
get bored. Too bad because this game does have lots of potential.

   In conclusion, a very nice attempt by innerprise but the game lacks
excitement. There are many nice touches and you will enjoy the game the
first couple of times you play but you will find that something is
missing. It's certainly not a bad game and some people will probably
really enjoy it, but I feel that similiar games like Jim Power are better.
Try it, you might like it, I did for a while but it's not something that I
will keep coming back to.

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