Pinball Fantasies (Second Review)

Title           Pinball Fantasies (Second Review)
Publisher       21st Century Entertainment Ltd (1992)
Game Type       Sport
Players         1-8
HD Installable  AGA version only
Compatability   All Amigas; AGA version available; may need to disable fastmem
                There is also a CD32 version compatible with AGA CD systems
Demo            aminet: game/misc/PinballFantasy.lha
                aminet: game/demo/pin_fan.lzh
Game data/utils Alternative AGA launcher - aminet: game/patch/PFLaunch.lha
Submission      Dennis Smith  Profiled Reviewer

Early in 1992, Pinball Dreams took the Amiga world by storm and within a
year there was a sequel, promising to be even better than the amazing
original. Three of the four tables feature an additional flipper for extra
skill shots and the scoreboard has been revamped, much like real pinball
tables, to an array of small LEDs allowing much more detail, providing more
legible scores and allowing the display of animations associated with
special bonuses and skill-shots. But the main selling point was the fact
that it was essentially the same brilliant engine behind Pinball Dreams and
featured four brand-new tables to play on.

The 'Billion Dollar Gameshow' is the duffest table Digital Illusions ever
produced, lacking enough features to keep it one's attention. 'Speed Devils'
is better but lack character and suffers from an all-too-easy bonus
multiplier system and seemingly magnetic side-exit lanes. However the two
remaining tables more than make up for these. 'Stones and Bones' is yet
another horror-themed table with loads to keep the play interesting and
'Partyland' is arguably the best of all, with more features than any of the
others, based around a garish theme-park. These latter two also make
particularly good use of the new LED-display.

Pinball Fantasies is another brilliant pinball simulator, the ideal sequel
to Pinball Dreams. But Digital Illusions obviously thought they could do
better, and in 1995, Pinball Illusions completed the trilogy.

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