Pinball Fantasies

Title           Pinball Fantasies
Publisher       Digital Illusions 1992
Game Type       Sport
Players         8
HD Installable  No
Compatibility   ECS, AGA & CD32 versions
Submission      Michael Carrillo

After a lucklusture debut with pinball dreams Digital illusions came back
and gave us fantasies and to date, Pinball Fantasies is still widely
regarded as the best pinball game on the Amiga.

Featuring four tables which are viewed from above and scroll up/down
to keep up the flipping tastic action,  pinball fantasies has
everything going for it.

The Four tables featured are Party Land (fun fair theme), Speed Devils
(car racing theme) Billion Dollar Game Show (game show theme) and
finally to the greatest of the lot  Stones and Bones (Horror theme)
Probably the weakest table of the lot is billion dollar game show
which has a limited playing time, however the best two are probably
party land and Stones and bones.  The combinations required to get
those jackpots and point rolling in are pretty good and well thought
out. The sound effects are good and ocassionaly feature digitised
speech such as "five million" etc. The graphics were surpassed by
later releases such as  Pinball Illusions and the more recent - Slam
Tilt but they are still pretty good and serve their purpose well.

If you have an amiga and don't have this sitting on your hard drive
then you are really missing out. If you still remain unconvinced then
get it just for Stones and Bones - whatever the price this is a table
that remains to be surpassed in terms of options, combinations,
playablity and music. - Just wait until you hear the high score
music - brilliant in itself. All in all worth checking out.

Also check out the patch on the aminet it makes life so much simpler.

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