Title           Pang!
Game Type       Beat-em-up
Players         1-2
Compatibility   1.3

Balloon-bursting action from Ocean in this classic (and near-perfect
conversion) from the arcade machine - in fact, I think the only thing
missing is the little animals that come out and get in the way. You fire
vertically up the screen at bouncing balloons which split into smaller and
smaller ones each time, whilst getting faster and faster. Powerups such as
faster shots, shots that stay, shields and extended time (did I mention
this is all against the clock???) fall from balloons, whilst icy floors
that make you slip, shootable walls and ladders make the game more
interesting as it progresses. The cooperative mode makes it even more fun!
It's all set in colourful backgrounds of tourist locations around the
world, with some really chirpy music and jingles. It doesn't take much
thinking, but it's classic action. There's a PD clone called Super
Obliterator (or something) that adds a few extras in case you can't find
this. On Aminet, maybe.

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