Title           Pacmania
Game Type	General Action
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	ECS (AGA patch available)
Company		Grandslam
HD Installable  Patch available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   YEA! this is what we want, 3D pacman.

   For those who don't know what pacman is let me give a brief
description. You control a character called a pacman and must move him
through mazes whilst eating dots and avoiding enemy ghosts. Eat all the
dots and you will go to the next level where everything moves faster.

   This game is sort of a 3D version. The games plays exactly like the
original except you can jump over the ghosts in this game. There are also
4 different mazes in this game adding a little bit of variety. If you ever
played pacman before you will know that there is not much to the game but
is one of the most addictive games that you will ever play. Simple, sweet,
and a lot of fun. This game keeps all the good points and adds a little
variety in the viewing perspective and the different mazes. There are also
some power up pills that when eaten will speed up your pacman allowing him
to race around the maze at super speeds.

   The graphics are very nice and so are the sound and music. The game
plays extremely well and gets progressively harder each time you complete
a level. As in the original pacman, there is not much variety to the game
but there doesn't have to be, what's there is so addictive and fun that
you really don't need any variety. When playing a game of this type it is
essential that joystick response is perfect and I'm happy to say that it

   In conclusion, This is an excellent version of pacman. It's addictive
as ever and the 3D viewing perspective works great. I can't say a single
bad thing about the game. Grandslam did a great job on this game. If you
like pacman (and who doesn't) then you will love this game. Now if
somebody would only do a version of MS Pacman the Amiga community would be
forever grateful. I know I would!

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