Project X `93

Title           Project X `93
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Players         1
Compatibility   All Amigas
HD Install	Yes
Submission      Isaac Abraham


Title : Project X `93
Format : All formats, HD installable with 4 megs ram.
Submission : Isaac Abraham 

The first version of Project X was a reasonable success, but many people
claimed that it had been under playtested and that it suffered from being
too difficult. Project X `93 set out to fix this problem, and bring in a
few new features. It also benefitted from being released at the knock down
price of 12.99, quite a bargain compared to the original 25.
It`s basically a run-of-the-mill shoot em up. The scenario speaks of some
radioactive mutants or something eager for revenge on Earth`s scientists for
experimenting on them, so to prevent this you have been sent to eliminate
the lot of them. Of course the usual weapons are on offer : lasers, side
shot, vertical shot, invunerability, and the wicked Magma. There are six
levels, I believe, also to be honest I only ever got on to level 4. I`m
reasonably sure that within 3 or 4 months or sustained play any seasoned
shootemup veteran will have this game beat. So, you`ll probably want to know
what, apart from the price, is different from the original incarnation,
then? Simply glance at the table below, and all shall be revealed.

ORIGINAL                    | "ENHANCED"
Comes on 4 disks            | 3 disks
Only one difficulty setting | Two settings, Rookie and Pro
(Unplayable)                | (Both easier than the original)
Nice, big box               | Small box with hard to read instructions

Not that much difference, hmm? The Rookie difficulty setting will only play
up to level 4, after which point it begins again, Pro allows access to all
the levels. The game also employs those excellent longivity-enhancing
Continue Plays, first introduced in The Last Ninja many years ago.
Shockingly, this game makes a mockery of them by dictating what weapons you
will start again with. Imagine the scene - You start level three for the
first time ever with some decent weapons, full shields etc., but die up
against the end of level baddie. You opt to restart that level rather than
go back to the beginning of the game. What happens? You`re given some cack
weapons that will assure you don`t reach the end of level. Plus, as you`ve
taken a continue, your score has been reset and your therefore can`t put
your other score into the high score table. Teeth gnashingly annoying.
However, small points aside, Project X `93 isn`t a bad little number. For 13
quid, you`re getting one professional product, and with HD loading as well,
it`s not bad at all. The levels are varied, from space with asteroids, to
snowy mountain, to volcanic rocks level things, to underwater antics, and
the sound is also of a reasonably high standard, as you would have expected
of Team17 in those days. Graphics are polished, and it`s reasonably easy to
get into thanks to the new Rookie mode. Overall, a good improvement on the
original, and a good shootemup to boot (although still not a patch on the
all conquering Armalyte C64, surely the shootemup of champions).

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