Panza Kick Boxing

Title		Panza Kick Boxing
Game Type	Beat-em-up
Players		2
Compatibility	Amiga 500

Next to IK+ and Budokan this is one of the best karate games I ever saw on the
After listening to a hymn-type of titlemusic you face the options screen.
Despite the usual standards (Highscore, selection of input device (Mouse, Joystick),
numbers of rounds) you can edit even more. You can select from 55 different moves
and configure them to your player which can use 13 of these fighting-patterns.
Those and only those, the player will be able to use when fighting. Changing the
fighting-pattern is only advisable for experienced players but once you
have accustomend yourself to your own personal fighting pattern you can do a
lot of harm to the computer enemies (and to human enemy players too).
Off to the tournament. There is the possibilty of training but you get enough
training while fighting anyway. The 2 figures are animated in a previously
unseen manner. The status of each figher is represented by 4 Lamps on each side,
the more lamps fully lit, the better the condition. The final task in this game is
to go through the tournament and beat the Master Kickboxer Panza himself. Beware.
He is really hard to beat and I myself only have managed to beat him twice. Panza
is only vulnerable to 2 attack types from the 55 different ones and the rest is
basically just blocking his attacks. Sometimes during a tournament (or while
playing human enemies) you manage to do a KO kick/punch and taking away "2 Lamps"
from your enemy. This behaviour is not really predicable but really shakes your
enemy a bit. A real nice and special touch is the "replay" feature. If set at the
beginning of a fight, you can replay the complete fight after you won (or lost).
And it has slow-motion. Helps a lot in analyzing your enemy.

	One problem you might run into is saving the fighting pattern.
You keep pressing Q but nothing happens. Well, it was programmend by a french
software team and they have the french keymap in mind. So you need to look up
the keys place shown on the display and press the appropriate key.

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