PGA Tour

Title		PGA Tour Golf
Game Type	Sport
Compatability	A500+ min
Company		Electronic Arts
Players		1-4
Submission	Terry Everest

               PGA Tour golf perhaps needs no standard introduction.   It
is a standard mouse based golf simulator based around courses featured on
the PGA tour.

                The first thing you notice about PGA is the loading time
which is a little slow , and the second thing you notice is how long it
takes to take a few shots. The reason for this is the way in which every
shot has to be loaded and you have to see the lie of the ball, the map of
the hole , the tv commentary and your club selection before every shot.
This detail  is fairly welcome , but it really slows down the game and
obviously detracts from your enjoyment. Most players only need one look at
the overhead map and perhaps you could choose to look at the other stuff
(mentioned above) instead of having to see it.

                     One thing you will certaintly dislike is the tv
commentary which appears on screen and informs you by means of text of
various events to do with other players.  Nobody likes to have to wait to
take their shot and this is even worse because it tells you how the other
players are doing.

            The commentary might contain several bits of news and has no
speech but might run like this:

" Seve Ballesteros took a birdie at  15 to go 3 under - - -

Colin Montgomerie had an eagle at the 8th to level par  and - - -

Sandy Lyle  missed the green and took a double bogie to go 5 over"

        The only minor consolation for hearing these computer generated
successes  is that the proper names are used and they are totally
randomised, which is atleast something.

           So you're on the tee and you've waited for a few seconds, and
you dont mind a bit because the crux of the game is done really quite
well. The scenery was fairly beautiful on my old miggy but with a pumped
up thing you might get really good graphics.   As in many golf games the
sound is limited to the thwack of the shots and the other noises a ball
makes when hit into sand or water.  Also the crowd noise, which is okay.

            To take each shot you use the right mouse button to power up
and try to keep the bar from going too far either way.   Like most golf
controls it is a fair skill which can be learned and perfected over time.

            The other important elements of skill are selection of the
correct club (the suggested one is rarely perfect)  and of course you must
learn how to use slice , hook and what line of approach to take to the

            Once on the green you get an extra diagram showing the precise
contours present and this is invaluable in order to sink putts. You
must study the lie of the green carefully and judge where and how hard to
putt your ball. If you get close enough an overhead shows your ball
and the hole together and this happens when you sink it too.

            The ultimate aim should you need telling is to play a blinding
18 holes so that you are slightly under par and should therefore make the
cut and progress in the PGA  eventually there must be a final day at which
you can get some serious prize money .  I never made serious inroads to
this  aim  but I did get through a couple of rounds once with saving.
This should warn you that this is hard and by golly it is. Not only do
the professionals play to beat par, they play to win, and the computer
logic gives a fair share of brilliance and badness to their play.
Mostly it gives them brilliance though as you are constantly reminded via
the news bulletins.

             Let us remember though that this is a good basic game which
is immensely challenging and has the vital two player option where both of
you can enter the competition and see who ends up highest.

        This is where you'll have your best games and the natural human v
human rivalry produces an excellent contest on tough courses.

        The  many courses are very complete and of course totally real
which is often a good thing.  The game comes with options for putting
practice and a driving range which you will use.  It has a replay function
where you can alter the camera angle and follow the trail of the ball.

         In all other areas this is a well finished product and it will
give hours of enjoyment to the patient player and golfers will appreciate
it. Even when you get bored of trying in vain to win the PGA the courses
are a good play and there is a practice mode. You will play each course at
least once just for the fresh challenge and to see the good use of
woodland and water or sand hazards.

          Ok so this is an old game but it is a classic and in my book it
is highly praisable.

          Some might suggest, it is the classic golf game but for me I'm
afraid LEADERBOARD GOLF takes the crown. I  shall award it 72% and why
not enquire about it eh?

Alternatively you could go for any modern golf game like LINKS and get a
better game with plusher graphics but that is up to you.

                If you want the ultimate playable classic golf go for
LEADERBOARD. It has worse graphics, and St Andrews is a very beginner's
course due to lack of hazards. It is not well finished but it has good
gameplay and a more instinctive control on the left mousebutton.
Amazingly the other courses are really hard, especially the Gauntlet and
hold your breath, it has a course editor too. A simple interface allows
any budding greenkeeper to design every fairway and tree or hazard.

        You will need patience but should make at least one course , call
it a silly name and get the whole family round for a game. This of course
is its great strength allowing up to four players to play and keep all of
their scores automatically.  Get LEADERBOARD for cheap and enjoy: 80%

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