Title		Onslaught
Game Type	Platform
Company		Realms and Hewson
Players		1
Compatibility	All
HD Installable	Yes (With Patch)
Submission	Adrian Simpson Profiled Reviewer

If Onslaught were a film, it would be Highlander - a bit of a jumble, but
enjoyable all the same.

Essentially, your character must battle his way through sideways scrolling
screens of attacking hordes and reach the enemy banner. As the hordes are
literally limitless and the platforms are scattered with mines, this
proves to be quite difficult. You can bash the enemy to death, or use the
magic spells that they drop when they are dead. With the numerous enemies,
exploding mines, effects of spells and overly colourful backgrounds, the
screen certainly demonstrates the old saying that war is organised chaos.

The control system is adequate, and uses the function keys to select the
different spells that you have collected. However, the main character
doesn't jump very far and moves quite slowly. This can be slightly
irritating, and feels like you are leap-frogging to your destination.

While the graphics are good, it's the music that really impresses. The
tune that is heard after the character has died is fantasic and is well
worth a listen. The superb music virtually guarantees the game a place in
Amiga game heaven.

Apart from the odd shoot-'em-up sub section now and then, the game is a
constant onslaught - hence the name. After you have slaughtered the 500th
enemy sprite, it can all seem a little repetitive, and as such is really
only suitable for a quick play now and again. Play it for the experience,
but don't expect a classic.

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