OnEscapee (Second Review)

Title           OnEscapee (Second Review)
Game Type       Action Adventure
Company		Sadeness (1998)
Players         1
Compatibility	4Mb RAM, AGA, CD-ROM Drive
HD Installable	Yes
Submission	Kristian Hesketh Profiled Reviewer

OnEscapee is the logical sequel to Another World by Delphine, in which you
control a beautifully animated sprite through a hostile alien world full
of traps and puzzles. The view is side-on and the handdrawn graphics look
good and don't require a very fast Amiga to display.

Your character, Daniel White, has to escape from the Alien homeworld and
return to Earth by himself, hence the confusing title meaning "One
Escapee". There are a number of well animated actions to perform, which a
help screen covers in full.

The huge intro on the CD is also handdrawn (and good), so the whole game
fits together seamlessly. Once the intro has finshed and you get into the
actual game itself, you must be quick on your feet. If you attempt to gaze
at the surroundings you will be instantly attacked by the garbage disposal
unit. It is a real shame that the start of the game is so difficult as it
may very well put gamers off. The most awful puzzle of OnEscapee is the
first one, because it shows a complete disregard for common sense. Every
player of the game will naturally try to avoid the solution to the first
problem. Stupid.

Once this is done (and you complete the next puzzle) you find yourself in
a new area. The game has a good mix of combat and puzzles, but even the
puzzles usually have an element of action, such as the green vines. It is
a simple case of timing your roll beneath them, but it is quite hard
without practice. You can die very easily in OnEscapee and each death has
a different animated sequence. Even if you just pickup an object, there is
a nice animated sequence to enjoy.

The help file on the CD will help you through the early puzzles if you get
stuck, but later on you are on you're own. There is a high sense of
achievement in the game because every screen is distinctive and each level
is entirely different. There is even a whole level where you must swim
underwater everywhere while taking care not to run out of oxygen. The game
really benefits from the CD format and is quite large, although I have
completed it.

This game would be nothing without sensible and well-thought out puzzles
and it has them (ignoring the first one). The action parts are good too,
causing you to  hammer the shield key or the fire button whilst trying to
avoid the enemy shots.

The music is good too and the intro contains some scary vocals and guitar
playing. Every part of the game has different music and a sensible system
means that the volume changes depending on which screen you are on.

OnEscapee is quite a hard game to describe. The fun is there in abundance,
but reviewing it in detail means ruining the excitement and fun of the
puzzles and surprises that the game has. The fun lies in learning the
rules of the alien world, in a way similar to Myst, but for my money it's
more enjoyable. I think it's great and every adventurer worth his salt
should own this game.

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