Title           onEscapee
Game Type       Action Adventure
Players         1
Requirements    AGA/CGFX/Picasso96, 4MB Ram (more for gfx card version), CD-ROM, HD
Submission      Eike M. Lang

You are Daniel White. You have had the misfortune of having been abducted by
some aliens but you sort of managed to escape, making you what the game title
already hints at - one Escapee.
The only real problem is that, by the time you manage to overpower your
kidnappers, you are quite a few lightyears from earth, the craft you were
abducted in crashed on a waste dump and you are being chased by yet another
alien vehicle with one big and mean laser blast...
Where do I start? onEscapee is a thrilling and atmospheric game, the graphics
were done with much love for detail, although the main character lacks a face
(you will eventually learn how he looks like), and the music and sound
effects blend nicely with the atmosphere. Be sure to visit the music
bar in the city stage, it is definitely worth it.
Gameplay varies between slugging it out with the bad guys (as soon as you were
lucky enough to find a weapon) and looking for a clue on how to get further -
all in all a good combination between action and puzzle elements. Except for the
in-game menus and documentation, each of which are available in a number of
languages, the game does not make any use of speech, be it written or spoken.
This is the cause of the only drawback I see in the game - some puzzles could
be solved a lot better if at some point you had some written or spoken clues.
On the other hand, each time I got stuck I was able to find somebody able to
help me, so your mileage my vary.
During the course of the game you have to pass seven stages, each of which has
its own distinct atmosphere and visual appearance, so you simply don't have a
chance to get bored.
To sum things up I can highly recommend onEscapee to anybody who is at least
marginally interested in the genre. The intro and outro are done technically
well (although not spectacular) and when you finish the game the course of
events reaches a tragic dimension, but I will not spoil things for you by
revealing what exactly happens.
To me, onEscapee is one of the first true "next generation" Amiga games and I
hope we will see many more titles that meet or exceed the quality set forth by
this game.

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