Nuclear War

Title		Nuclear War
Game Type	Strategy
Players		1
Compatibility	Amiga 500

The basic idea of Nuclear War is to nuke everybody else and to stay alive.

The big stars in this game are Infidel Castro, Jimi Farmer, Tricky Dick, Mao the Pun,
P. M. Satcher, Ronnie Raygun, Ghanji, Gorbatchef, Col. Khadaffy, Kookamamie
and you, Hans Meier, the human player. From the previous mentioned, you can
select up to four enemies, and in case you are indecisive, the computer can select
your opponents. The Game begins.
The size of the towns resembles roughly their population, so you can see,
who you can attack first, and how many people you have left yourself.
Now you can either try to "Propaganda" an opponent thereby getting more people into
your own country, or you can nuke someone or set up some nuke-protection yourself
if you fear you are the next one to be nuked. The tricky thing now is that you can
only do one action per round. From time to time you need to produce some weapons,
but it is more or less random what your people produce for you. You could be sitting
on a bunch of payloads without having a means of transporting them.
     You do not really need any good strategy, because the gameflow can be vaguely
guessed upon which enenmies you choose. Ghanji and Farmer always use Propaganda,
Ronnie, Kookamamie and Khadaffy love nuking. If very unlucky, all four enemies choose
to attack you first thereby ending the game for you very fast. What really
makes playing Nuclear War fun are the jokes that happen during the game. A
town may suddenly lift off into space, Earthquakes may occur and  Aliens may land.

If it weren`t for the nice graphics of the enemies who look similar to famous
politicians or the jokes that happen during gameplay, Nuclear War would be rather
boring. But if you just feel like nuking the whole world again, just go for it and
try your luck :)

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