New Zealand Story

Title		New Zealand Story
Game Type	Platform
Company		Ocean
Players		1
Compatibility	Not AGA (Patch available)

	This was the first game I ever played on Amiga so I obviously have
a soft spot for it. For those (few) who don't know, this game came bundled
with the Amiga 500. The idea of the game is simple, someone has kidnapped
all the little kiwis, except you managed to escape, and you now have to
run all around New Zealand in an attempt to rescue them. You have to kill
all sorts of nasties on you way, natch.
	The first level is fairly simple you just have to run along and
kill everything that comes in your way with you little bow and arrow. Of
course along the way, you can pick-up weapon upgrades. On the second level
you get the chance to fly, this is either done in your own little balloon
or by stealing whatever the bad guy happens to be flying before you kill
him. The best (and cutest) ‘flying aid’ is the rubber duck. (I don’t think
there is anything quite as cute as a kiwi flying on the back of a rubber
duck ; )
	The game is split into several different worlds, and each world is
split into four levels. At the end of each world is a boss monster. The
first of these being a giant Whale. To kill the Whale it has to first eat
you, and you then you have to kill it from inside. The first few levels of
this game are very easy, but it soon gets a lot harder. There are also
many levels and I don't know anyone who managed to complete it without
cheating. Although this may just be because I was a new gamer at the time,
but I guess we will never know ;) The other thing I could never forget
about this game is it's music. The bright and ‘chirpy’ tune added to the
atmosphere perfectly.
	Overall, I think this game is good but not great. It remains one
of my fondest memories of the Amiga simply because it was the first Amiga
game I ever played! If I was to mark this now I would give it a mark in
the region of 80%

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