NY Warriors

Title           NY Warriors
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	OCS (degrade for higher specs)
Company		Virgin
HD Installable  No
Submission	Chris Vella cvella@specdata.com Profiled Reviewer

   This is a game in the Ikari Warriors genre. You control a man with a gun
who must shoot or make your way past a number of various enemies who will stop
at nothing to kill you. Along the way there are different weapons to collect
and power up. These weapons include a flame thrower, rocket launcher, machine
gun, and grenade launcher. If you can make your way past the enemies and find
the exit you will then go to the next level.
   The graphics in the game are excellent as is the sound and music. Play the
sound through a Hi Fi and your room will sound like a warzone! The difficulty
level is perfect and the level sizes are just right. The game plays extremely
well and each level gets progressively harder. Even though this game was
released a long time ago it hasn't dated much and is still alot of fun to

   In conclusion, I feel that this game is one of the best in its genre. Its
better than Ikari Warriors, Commando, and Total Carnage. The graphics are
great and the sound is superb, but most importantly it's fun to play. This
game deserves a place in everyone's software collection.

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