Nick Faldo`s Championship Golf

Title           Nick Faldo`s Championship Golf
Game Type       Sport
Players         1 or 2
Compatibility   AGA only
Submission      Isaac Abraham 

There are two main competitors in the Golf sim market on the Amiga - this,
and PGA Golf (well, PGA Euro Tour now). PGA has always been the leader -
it`s easy to get into, has a fair few courses, and has plenty of tournaments
and opponents as well as the ability to save your player stats. Nick
Faldo`s, on the other hand, is extremely hard to get into, has no
tournaments, only has 8 opponents, and has no long term appeal.
Coming on two floppies, the whole game seems like it has been designed to
infuriate you from the word go. Firstly, there is no indication of the power
of your club on screen, so every time you take a shot, you need to refer to
the manual. Next, you need to take into account all the different variables:
near wind speed, long wind speed, ball lie, spin, club stance.... it can be
quite overwhelming initially. Driving the ball is exceptionally difficult,
essentially a speed test, involving you double clicking the mouse in a
microsecond. It`s no good for the mouse`s health, and it didn`t do me any
good either, I personally found it infuriating. Thankfully there`s the
amateur game, which gives you the option of re-taking your shots (you`ll be
doing this a lot). I really did try to get into this, even going through the
tutoring facility offered in the game, but i realised by the end of my
extensive play session that I was merely just going through the motions of
"How far away is the ball? Right, check manual for the club to use. Ball
lie? Spin? Stance? Ooops, mishit, try again. Right, that`s better, but for
some reason the ball went nowhere near the hole - ooops, forgot to check the
wind speed, must start all over again....". PGA rewards good play because
it`s not hard to learn, you can enter tournaments, win prize money, and save
it to disk. With Nick Faldo`s there`s no incentive to continue playing, and
more importantly, it`s really not much fun - stick with PGA Euro.
Oh, and try to get an 030+ processor when playing this, otherwise you`re in
for annoying pauses when changing views.

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