Title           Myst
Game Type       Adventure
Company         Clickboom/Cyan
Players         1
Compatibility   3.0

Myst was, until recently, the biggest selling PC CD game of all time. So
converting it to the Amiga must be regarded as a major coup for
ClickBoom. Myst is unusual in that it consists entirely of rendered
screens and animations; it doesn't have the interactive elements of,
say, Monkey Island. This can make Myst a rather ponderous affair, and it's
not a game I can play for more than a few hours at a time. This is a
serious (and sometimes even sinister) game; one to be played in the dark
with headphones. And there is a lot to remember; I had to take notes in a
couple of places. However, the puzzles and graphics are of a very high
quality, the sound, although sparse, is atmospheric and if you're prepared
to dedicate some time to Myst you'll love it - but this game will not suit
everybody. The Amiga conversion, while undoubtedly solid, could have done
with a little more work in places but Myst is certainly impressive given a
decent Amiga (030). Oh - some of the (important) books in the game are very
difficult to read on a normal TV. A monitor is recommended, but certainly
not essential.

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