Title		Motorhead
Game Type	Beat-em-up
Company		Virgin (1992)
Players		1
Compatible	All (With Patch)
HD Installable  Yes (With Patch)
Submission      Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

Hmmmmmm..... not really my kind of game the sideways (or anyways)
scrolling beat-'em-up, so bear that in mind with this review.

Motorhead the group, then, one of the more metallic groups from the punk
era, led by bassist Lemmy who had originally been a roadie for none other
than Jimi Hendrix, and went on to play with the unique Hawkwind. As a
public personality though, it wasn't until Motorhead that he really stood

So what about the game then? Well, we're into sideways scrolling
beat-'em-up territory, similar to Streets of Rage. The basic idea is that
one of the towns where Lemmy and the boys are due to play have rather
ungraciously decided to kidnap the band and roadcrew, and to tell young
Lemmy to hit the road. One assumes they are not Motorhead fans(!). While
lesser men would flee, thankful for their lives, Lemmy pauses only long
enough to empty a bottle of Jack Daniels, and then strides purposefully
into town.

There are six levels for you (as Lemmy) to fight your way through. These
include Rapland, Nashville (home of country music), Karaokeville,
Scrapyard (full of Punks), Cathedral (populated by Goths), and the final
level, Rave on.  Each level ends with a bonus sequence, where, for
example, you ride along on your bike collecting bonus icons, as well as a
further sequence where you try and catch as many beers sliding down the
bar as possible, or try to stop disillusioned Motorhead groupies from
catching a taxi. At the end of each level proper there will be a member of
the band or roadcrew that you can rescue.

The combat is mildly inventive with sliding head-butts, whacking people
with your guitar, belching whisky or 'cockle breath' (don't ask) at
people, as well as using magic. Yup, if you pick up the magic Motorhead
symbols that sometimes are left lying around after defeating an enemy, it
builds up your magic power. You can use this to hurl power chords
(essentially a projectile weapon) at your opponents or alternatively save
enough to summon one of three demons to help you defeat anyone else
foolish enough to be found on the screen. The first of these summonings
involves just an attractive female who distracts your opponents while you
continue to pummel them into an early grave, the other two varieties
are far more lethal however.

So, while keeping an eye on your energy bar, you swing and thump your way
through the various levels, occasionally calling on magic to aid your
fight against the powers of bad taste, and frantically trying to pick up
any goodies that appear before they vanish again. The graphics are
acceptable, as are the sound and music (by Ben Daglish). There isn't
really anything here that will make you catch your breath and think, "Hey,
classy!" however, its just a competent production, nothing to really get
excited about.

Motorhead is actually not too bad a game, and I say that as someone who
has very little regard for beat-'em-ups in general. I don't think even a
devotee (perhaps especially not a devotee) of the genre is going to be
hugely impressed with the game, but at the end of the day, its competent,
its playable - and if you have any affection for Motorhead, its probably
unmissable. For everyone else the old chestnut, if you like this type of
thing its worth checking out, probably applies.

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