Mortal Kombat

Title		Mortal Kombat
Game Type	Beat-em-up
Publisher	Virgin
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	All
HD Installable	Patch Available
Submission	Chris Vella

   This fighting game is a conversion from the awesome arcade original and
it is a pretty good conversion.

   You select 1 of 7 different fighters to control, each one having
different special moves and weapons. You are then put into an area against
one of the other fighters. The first person to win the best out of three
is the winner. Now the controversial part. Most of the moves can be
performed by just moving the joystick in a direction and pressing the fire
button, but there are special moves that can only be performed by moving
the joystick in a certain sequence. You have to experiment and this can
get frustrating because sometimes you have to move the joystick in 4
sequential directions to pull off a special move, and to make things even
worse, to pull off the fatality move your man must even be a certain
distance away from your opponent. There may be a lot of people who like to
experiment to find all the different moves but I'm not one of those
people. It could take you days to learn all the moves for just 1 of the
characters so imagine trying to learn all the moves for all 7.

   The game does play well once you get going and it has decent graphics.
The characters are all digitized and look fairly realistic. The sound is
very good and has nice digitized speech. Joystick response is good as is
the collision detection. The game is very bloody so you may caution young
children. The feature of having a fatality move is nice and is fun to
watch once you learn how to pull it off. If you beat all the opponents you
will then have to beat two of them in a row without dying to get to the
next match. Get past this and you will face to ultimate enemy.

   In conclusion, This is a very good fighting game. I don't like the
overly complicated control method and having to experiment to find certain
moves, but some people might like that. The sounds are very realistic and
added to the atmosphere of the game. Experienced players will probably
beat the game in no time but there is an option to make the opponents
harder. This is one of the best beat'em ups on the Amiga, but I thought
Shadow Fighter was a little better due to mostly having a better control
method. If you're a beat'em fan then you will like this game. Probe did a
very nice but not perfect conversion from the arcade version. This game
definitely deserves a spot in your software collection.

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