Moonshine Racers

Title           Moonshine Racers
Publisher       Millenium/Blitter Brothers
Game Type       Driving
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes (With Patch)
Compatability   All With Patch
Submission      Pretentious Nickname Profiled Reviewer

          "Those darn moonshiners are at it again!"

 This darn game is probably one of my favourites, simply due to style! In
Moonshine Racers, you play the part of Billy Joe, the moonshiner. As you
may have surmised, the object of the game is to beat all the other
moonshiners to the finish line, which happens to be Tucker's Bar. Tucker,
you see, pays top dollar for any moonshine thrown his way. Along the way,
you'll frequently encounter Fat Sam, the county sherriff (and his dog
Rommel), who will try to curtail your activities in a manner lifted from
the game Chase HQ.

 Graphically, Moonshine Racers is excellent. It actually LOOKS as if
you're driving through the rural USA of days gone by. Lots of neat
graphic touches abound, from old-style wooden speed limit signs,
tumbleweeds, cattle skeletons, all the stereotypical images are there.
Your speedometer looks like it was lifter from an old 50's pickup truck,
and all the characters are drawn in period dress.

 The sound rocks, too. I've had many friends crack up upon seeing the
game's intro for the first time (but I won't tell you what it is, it'll
spoil the surprise!). Your truck SOUNDS like it's an old clunker, the way
the engine gradually builds it's way to maximum output. The only thing
missing is the rattle of loose fenders while driving over the bumpy roads.
Musically, though, is where the game gets a lot of its atmosphere. Yup,
the soundtrack consists almost EXCLUSIVELY of banjo music!!! I was
strummin' along (AIR BANJO, Y'ALL!!) with the tunes whenever one of my
friends was playing the game. Gotta find the mod soundtrack!

 The gameplay in Moonshine Racers is spot-on. The game controls are
somewhat responsive, maybe less so than your average racing game, but I'll
defend the game based on the fact that anyone who's EVER driven an old
pickup truck will agree that an old pickup truck's steering can ALSO be
described as "somewhat responsive". Har.

 So, great music, great gameplay, realistic controls, and decent graphics.
Normally, that'd be enough for me but NO, the Blitter Brothers have gone
that extra mile and put a few more touches on the game. Your character
also has a CB radio in the truck, and he gets all sorts of updates (some
inadvertent) on the race, such as the truck's temperature, whereabouts of
the Sherriff, etc.

 Moonshine Racers is, all told, an excellent game, and as such is great
fun to both play AND watch. I'd give it a 9/10.

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