Mega lo Mania

Title		Mega lo Mania
Company		Sensible Software
Game Type	Management Sim
Players		1
Compatibility	Not AGA

This game was written by favourite game developer of the 8/16-bit era,
Sensible Software. This was their first game on the Amiga that wasn't a
conversion form an 8 bit machine. It featured both great graphics and
sound. The demo version boasts that the full game contains 700k of sampled
sound, which may sound like nothing now but it was a lot for a game that
fitted on two 720kb disks! The sampled sound in question was some of the
best speech ever seen in a game at this time. Anyone who played the game
will remember phrases like "Do you want to be on my team?" and "NO WAY!"
	The idea of the game was that you were any one of four gods
controlling your people, trying to take over an area of space. You did this
by using your people to develop weapons in your castle, and then you would
send them out to try to destroy any of the enemy's fortifications. The
game is split up into Epochs; each epoch is split into a further three
islands. As you progress through the game so does the time scale, so at
first you are fighting using catapults, then cannons and eventually you
progress to jet planes, nukes and eventually U.F.Os.
	At first you just need to design the weapons to use them but as
you progress you need to mine the raw materials needed to manufacture the
weapons, use factories to manufacture the weapons and there's even a lab
which is needed to design some of the more complicated weapons.
	You start with one castle but you can build more by moving men
into unoccupied spaces. You can also form allegiances with your opponents,
but these will only ever be temporary because to win a level you have to
destroy everybody.
	The first few levels in the game are straightforward but it soon
gets much harder. This game took me several weeks to complete but I played
almost none stop! This was the game that first taught me the true meaning
of addiction! Sensible Software were planning a sequel but they were to
busy writing another one of my favourite games, Sensible Soccer to finish
it. Overall this is still one of my favourite games of all time, infact I
still occasionally play this game on my A500!

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