Title           Mindwalker
Game Type	General Action
Players		1
Compatibility	All
HD Installable  Yes?
Submission	Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

I don't know if Mindwalker was the first Amiga game (it was the first one
I saw) but it was certainly just about the weirdest. I have never
understood what was going on in Mindwalker, but as no one else has done a
review yet, I'll have a go at explaining some of that weirdness.

You played a character that ran in all directions over a peculiar
landscape of square platforms stretching in all directions, and at various
different heights. If you've seen the Tri-dimensional chess in Star Trek,
that gives something of the idea. The platforms floated in space over a
"computery" sort of grid stretching over a black background into a
vanishing point. Some platforms would actually be pools of water which
you'd swim across, and from time to time you'd encounter rather ghostly
trees. All very atmospheric. The "bad guys" were various light-sourced
sprites, which hovered around and would extend beams of energy, slowly but
surely converging on your position. You could hold down the fire button
and produce a magical bolt of power, which you could then swivel around
the screen taking out anything silly enough to get caught in the way.

If they got you a rather fancy skull and crossbones would slowly enlarge on
the screen, each time this occurred, it would appear bigger, until you'd
lost that particular life.

As well as this there were these pyramid structures, that if you passed
underneath you could change your character to a wizard, a human, a nymph,
or a strange hunchbacked creature. There were also crystals lying around
the area, and if you reached one, you were than able to start marking the
square platforms with a black square of your own ......I think. The music
I remember as being quite effective, and might be described as ambient
these days.

In all, this game was very imaginatively put together and well presented.
It was ideal as an early Amiga game because it showed some of the
possibilities of the new machine and probably left other (as well as
myself) people wondering what the hell it was they'd just experienced. I
can't honestly comment on how good the game was with sustained gameplay,
but nevertheless it will always be remembered with respect and not a
little awe by me.

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