Millenium 2.2

Title           Millenium 2.2
Game Type       Management Sim
Players         1
Compatibility   Not AGA
Submission      Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

Millenium 2.2 is the forerunner to the superb science fiction resource
management game Deuteros by the very talented Ian Bird.
In this game you are in charge of a hundred souls on a base on the Moon,
in the aftermath of a war that has left Earth uninhabited, and colonies
like yours, in an extremely sorry state of repair. It is your job to
rebuild your resources, take once more to the space lanes, and hopefully,
one day, repopulate Earth. To help you achieve this, you have several
departments, all accessible at the click of a mouse button, including,
Research, Production, Energy, Defence, Resources (mining), and your
Docking bay. Now the more gung ho amongst you will have focussed
immediately on Defence, and wondered what exactly you get to toast in what
is basically a planetary reclamation project. Well, the answer is, yours
is not the only colony to have survived. There are folks out there that
simply do not hold you in very high esteem, and they`re prepared to back
this point of view up with deadly force. You`ll come across them shortly
after you launch your first spaceflight. I can`t tell you much more than
that about the game`s plot or it would spoil the story for you, suffice to
say you are in for a series of problems that will be fun to overcome,
whether through logic, patience, exploration or sheer blody-mindedness.
The presentation of the game is first rate. It is highly functional, but
also aesthetically pleasing, both visually and in terms of sound. The
various departments have their own background sounds which really help the
atmosphere tremendously.
Millenium 2.2 is not a very difficult game, but it`s not easy either. The
combat part of the game perhaps lets things down slightly, but as long as
you`re not expecting too much in that department this won`t be a problem.
In short then, an extremely addictive game, that has been very nicely
designed. Not as vast in scope as Deuteros, but an ideal primer for that

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