Micro Machines

Title           Micro Machines
Game Type       Driving
Publisher       Code Masters
Players         1 or 2
Compatibility   All
HD Installable  No
Submission      Nikos Andreou

If you think that a racing game must have mega-fast 3D graphics and cool
rock tracks playing in the background, then I suggest you play
micro-machines. It is the playability that makes this game really
enjoyable and extremely funny.

 Micro Machines is a top racing game where your sprite moves in any
direction on screen. You do not drive a Ferrari, but small vehicles that
some kids are driving through remote controlers. You play the role of one
of those kids. The game offers a wide variety of vehicles to drive. Jeeps,
Boats, Formula cars, Buggies, Helicopters, and Tanks(!) are some of them.
Each vehicle has different handling characteristics; it is a detail that
adds to the realism of the game.

The aim is to complete as many courses as possible and finish the game.
In each race you compete with three other opponents. The first two
finish the course succesfully but the third and the fourth lose a
life. Of course finishing in the first two positions is not an easy task
as the levels become gradually more difficult. However, there are some
bonus games (if you win three races in a row) that help you to win extra
lives. The two-player mode is similar to the one-player mode and the
screen does not split-up in two but you run at the same screen. If one
of the players is left behind and the other player manages to reach the
end of the screen that both vehicles are in, the player who's
stuck behind loses a life. Your aim is to make your opponent lose all
of his/her lifes.

As I said before the game is realy enjoyable and funny. The two-player
mode is fantastic and I guarantee that you will spend days in front of
your computer playing Micro Machines head-to-head with your friends.
Even the one-player mode is brilliant because of the excellent
difficulty curve. This game is an absolute must and deserves a place in
your games' collection. Overall 90%.

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