Mercenary 3

Title           Mercenary 3
Game Type       3D Adventure
Players         1
Compatibility   Patched release: All. Unpatched release: 68000
HD-install      Patch+Fix (
Submission      Achim Haertel

In this third part of the Mercenary series you have to enlarge your
previous success by getting as much money as you can within 24 hours.
To do this you visit the locations of that solar system with either some
public transport, or you also can find your old star glider. There is
also a teleportation system, which speeds things up.
Initially you are struck by the size of the accessible area, but eventually
you explore the area and you find single tasks, the completion of which
brings you money. The buildings are nicely constructed, although a bit
distant from each other, so there are large areas of nothing, but on the
other hand you don't need to walk between them. Unlike in other adventures
there's not only one way to complete the game, so your chances of solving it
is increased significantly.
The graphics are reasonably fast on a powerful amiga, so it's really fun to
play it if you get into it. The position of your game can be saved everytime
on one of the 10 slots.

Difficulty: For people with _some_ experience
Rating: Graphics 75%, animation 65%, music --%, SFX 70%, handling 90%,
initial gameplay 70%, permanent gameplay 80%, overall 80%.

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