Menace (Second Review)

Title		Menace (Second Review)
Publisher       Psygnosis/Psyclapse
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1
Compatibility	not AGA
HD Installable  No

After reading the first review on this game I felt compelled to put in my
idea of a review.

 Menace is a typical horizontal shooter. The music and soud effects are
done quite well, There are 6 Levels of Action. Each level has it's own
look and feel to it. This game was released prior to the Excellent Blood
Money and in my opinion Menace was the first great sideways scrolling
shooter out for the Amiga.

There is no real intro like in Bloodmoney but when you start there is a
huge mothership that appears and your ship launches from it. When I first
saw this at the time it looked very impressive.

As you progress through each level you will have the ability to upgrade
your weapons, shields or increase your points. The enemies come in waves
as is typical for this type of games. If you kill all of them (or the main
ship in the wave) you will be presented with an icon. The icon by
default is a Points Bonus, but if you are fast enough you can shoot it and
it will change into an icon representing various weapons or a shield, then
you simply run over the icon to pick it up.

The game is very playable, and responsive and is still a pleasure to play
even today.

Menace paved the way for many great titles, if you enjoyed it then you
would love Blood Money or my personal favourite Project-X.

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