Mega Phoenix

Title		Mega Phoenix
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Publisher       Dynamix
Players		1 or 2
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility	ECS (Degrade for AGA)
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   Remember Phoenix in the arcades? Well this is a good but not exact

   You control a spaceship and must blast all the winged creatures on the
screen. The creature will fly down at you in non predictable ways trying
to crash into you. You have a shield which when activated will make you
invulnerable for a few seconds. Once the shield wears off it can't be used
until it replenishes which takes about 7 seconds. Clear all the enemies on
the screen and you will go to the next level which has a bunch of eggs
flying around waiting to hatch into big birds. You have a couple of
seconds of shooting before the hatching begins. Once hatched the big birds
fly across the screen dropping bullets on you. You must shoot the birds in
the middle of their bodies to kill them. If you shoot their wings, the
wings will grow right back. Finish this level and you will face the Mega
Phoenix. This creature takes 8 direct hits to kill. Complete this level
and you face the mothership. You will have to shoot the pilot which when
done, causes the ship to blow up. The ship has a barrier that must be
blasted through and also has birds attacking you. Once all the levels are
completed, you start them all over again this time everything moves faster.

   In conclusion, The game may sound basic and it is, but sometimes the
most simple games are the most fun to play as is the case for this game.
It's very playable. The graphics are pretty basic but the sound is good,
both are suitable for this type of game. This is one of those games that
you will keep playing every once in a while when you get the urge to blast
everything on the screen. It's not an exact conversion of the arcade game
nor was it meant to be, but it is a good game in its own right owing a lot
to the arcade version. Want a simple but very playable shoot'em up? Get
this game and  relive history a little, when all that mattered was not
fancy graphics but great gameplay.

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