The Secret Of Monkey Island II (LeChuck's Revenge)

Title           The Secret Of Monkey Island II (LeChuck's Revenge)
Game Type       Adventure
Company         LucasFilm
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   Disable AGA
Submission (Jens Vang Petersen)

Guybrush Threepwood is back, and so are many of the other characters from the
first game. Stan is now selling coffins and Woodoo-mama provides dolls for
everyone to play with. LeChuck is also back, now in a cool 3/4 invisible
mode, and he's quite pissed with Guybush (We wonder why, don't we)..
Guybush has a big problem, everybody is sick of hearing about his adventure
with LeChuck (except himselve of course). So he decides to go after the big
treasure 'The Big Whoop' that's said to be hidden on a remote island, to
get some new stories to tell. Everything starts with a little man by the name
of Largo, he is stealing all your money, that calls for some revenge. So you
go and visit Woodoo-mama from the first game, and she gives you a shopping
list so she can make a doll of Largo (And you can put pins in it)..
Another problem to face is how to get some money for a ship so you can go
after the treasure, but perhaps you could get a job as a chef. To do that
you have to get the current chef fired, and a dead rat in the soup is just
one way to do that.. Among other cute things is that you have to win a
spitting competition (!), and to get to Woodoo-mama in the first place you
have to use a coffin as a boat... Sometimes into the game you'll need a
hammer, so you have to steal one. But to do that you'll have to get the
owner away, maybe damaging a wooden-leg could be the answer to that.. One
of the other many highlights in this funny thing is nailing a coffin shut
with Stan INSIDE (YES !!), or how about a dream with two skeletons dancing
The game contains some 'wild' long-shots, if you go into a market on one
of the islands you can find a poster of 'Elvis' (Yes, him). There's several
references to movies like 'Star Wars' (Help me take this mask off), and
there's (as usual in Lucas-games) loads of things to do that has nothing at
all to do with the problems, but it's great fun..
The game is as high a standard as the first one, the sound is not so nice,
but what the hell, games like this are based on gameplay and great problems,
rather than fancy graphics or good sound.. The only real downer in this
game is the ending, that's realy lame..

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