The Secret Of Monkey Island

Title           The Secret Of Monkey Island
Game Type       Adventure
Company         LucasFilm/Kixx
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   Disable AGA
Submission (Jens Vang Petersen)

This is top-notch among adventure games, it's probably only topped by the
sequel and Indy IV. No game collection is complete without it.
You're controlling Guybrush Threepwood, a young man who'd like to become
a real pirate. The game starts out on Melee Island, where Guybrush is told
about the three trials to become a real pirate. However you don't get very
far before running into the govenor, Marley, who's a quite attractive woman
and her jealous lover, LeChuck is the name. But LeChuck is in fact a bit
flying, actualy he's dead. If you think it sounds sick you're right, but
it's also one of the funniest games ever seen. The three trials consists
of 'Mastering The Sword', 'Art Of Thievery' and 'Treasure Hunting' in the
beginning you can start out on the one you prefer, however after some time
you realise that you need to complete one before the next, but much of the
preparing work can be done as you go along. This is in fact one of the
strongest parts of this game, there's much to do, some things have nothing
at all to do with what you need, but it gives room for experiments, and
you don't die just by saying something stupid to the wrong guy.
Completing the three trials is not so difficult, and just as you think
you've become a real pirate you catch a view of a ghost-ship. You later
find out that the lovely govenor has been captured by LeChuck, guess
who's going to save her ???

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