Lotus Turbo Challenge

Title		Lotus Turbo Challenge
Game Type	Driving
Players		2
Compatibility	Amiga 500, HD version exists
Submission	Snowy@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de

A real amiga classic no one should miss.
The options screen lets you select the difficulty of the race, if you want to play
in single player mode or 2 player mode, manual or automated gears, and last
but least, if you want to use the fire button to accelereate. Before you start
racing you can select what Sounds you would like to have. You can select
between in-game FX or 4 cool songs. Once on the track, you need to qualify as 10th
or better to be allowed on the next track. The easy levels are for beginners,
although track 7 of the easy level can be tricky. Medium level is what most
probably play and that takes roughly an hour to win. The hard level is a real
challenge (especially the track with all the curves and palm-trees, and the sand
only track) which roughly takes 90 minutes to play. From medium level on you also
need to watch the fuel gauge since some tracks require extra petrol.
	The only two drawbacks in this game are the split screen mode and the
way the white cars can drive. If you play in single player mode, the bottom split
screen has a picture of 2 mechanics working on a red Lotus Esprit. Also, the
white cars love driving _through_ obstacles and also sometimes brake if you drive
close up.
	The fast 3D graphics is also very nice, although all opponents look
the same and have a real crazy driving style.

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