Title           Lionheart
Game Type	General Action
Players		1
Compatibility	All (1 Mb required)
Company		Thalion
HD Installable  Yes
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   I don't know why this game never got the respect it deserved. It is one of
the best games on the Amiga!

   The game is a slash/hack'em up in the Rastan style, where you control a
warrior who must kill or avoid all enemies you come across. You are equipped
with a sword which can only occasionally be upgraded, so be tactical when
trying to kill an enemy. There are a few combinations to your sword attack and
you will figure out which one works best on which enemy. When you get to the
end of a level, you will have to defeat a giant guardian of some kind. Each
guardian must be dealt with differently because they have to be killed in a
certain way. Each level is varied nicely and are just the right size.

   The graphics and the animation in the game are great! Check out the giant
spider in particular to see what I mean, they are possibly the best looking
enemies I have come across in an Amiga game. The sound is also very good. I am
happy to say that the gameplay is also wonderful, everything feels just right,
from the joystick response to the games difficulty level to the level sizes.
The game is just a joy to play.

   In conclusion, I have to thank Thalion for this truly wonderful game. I
will never understand why it wasn't more popular. Its the best slash/hack'em
up on the Amiga, and is on my top 5 all time greatest Amiga games. If you can
still find a copy of this game GET IT. It's a nearly perfect game and anyone
who doesn't like this game should have their head examined.

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