Life and Death

Title           Life and Death (Second Review)
Game Type	Miscellaneous
Players		1
Compatibility	All Amigas
Company	        Software Toolworks
HD Installable  Yes (With WHDLoad)
Submission      MaU

Let's talk about... "LIFE" and how to avoid.... "DEATH"

 When for the first time I became aware of the existence of this game I
thought it was only the usual "jump 'n run" game...  and I was quite
surprised about the content of the game..

 I was a kid, and used to play with the typical game where a car drives
fast or a spaceship shoots some alien thingy... This was my first point
and click game. Attracted to the box cover where four doctors watch you
in a threatening way under a blinding light... I thought the game was
about some crazy hospital where all sorts of genetic experiments happen...
I was wrong! (I've  found a similar thing with the Gloom series...  if
that's what you want, there are really mad doctors in that game, or what
is left of them...)

 As in reality, here you must visit patients in their room, and you must
discover what disease affects them... (if they have any disease...).
After making some correct diagnoses you are admitted to... the surgery
room! Here it can be quite difficult to do the  tasks in the operation in
the right order... (remember, if you do anything wrong... the patient

 If you fail you must go to the classroom, where you will discover what
you did to that poor guy... That's the way: step by step you learn
"what" must be used "when" and what to do in the event of something
like dropping blood pressure.

 That's the general plot of the game... after the first stage involving
mainly the abdomen (like appendicitis and kidney stones), you can
advance to the second level where you should heal arthrithis and
aneurisms... It's way more complicated than the first part, and, erm, I'm
still trying to complete it.... (the weird thing is that I'm a... student
of medicine...  in real life!). The procedure for an abdomen examination
as in reality involves all four quadrants: in fact if the patient does
feel pain in one of them you could easily understand what the problem
is... an infection of a underlying organ (i.e appendicitis) causes ischemy
and the cytoplasmatic content of cells are identified as an infection by
the immunity system and the subsequent process of inflammation irritates
the visceral receptors, which then produce noxious stimuli. Here comes the
"pain". Here comes the "Ouch!" or "Yipes!" from your patients...

 When you start the game do not be disappointed by the graphics... (there
are only four kind of screen. You will nevertheless enjoy the game even
though there's no music at all. This is because the game is really
involving. At the beginning you see a corridor: that's the point
from where you can go anywhere in the hospital. These are the rooms:

1) A school where you are given useful hints after doing something
wrong (yep... no tribunals are implemented in the game... so you will not
go to prison if you kill somebody.

2) Four rooms where you can find patients waiting for your care (don't
touch your patient too much or you'll start them complaining... and
calling the nurse for help)

3) The surgery: you - your patient - and those unnecessary helpers
who are there only to watch or pontificate and don't move a muscle even if
the BLOOD PRESSURE IS DROPPING! You have at your disposal medical
instruments, and in the drawer you can find antibiotics and that sort of
thing... Here I have a tip for you: there's no indication of what the
green bottle contains so you must study the manual carefully or inevitably
some sad event will happen... (you don't want to go back to school, do

4) The room where one of these blond and busty nurses is waiting for
you... when you enter you see her turning her head, watching you...
and moving her hands to... give you the paper on which you choose your

In the corridor there's also the exit door (it quits the game...) and a
phone near the receptionist where you sometimes have to call some
specialist that have a strange chip 'n dale voices.... that's a
programmer trick to protect the game against piracy, in fact the
telephone numbers are in the manual.

In my humble opinion it's really playable, still in 2005 (and it will be
in the next year too, at least for people that are interested in this
subject... like me! I found the game quite realistic... (probably Simon
J.Beal - the programmer - has some experience of medicine, or some
expert  has helped him making the game...). I found no inaccuracies...
only some strange situations... (if you are only a student you should not
operate - you should be an assistant!)

In Conclusion, a suggestion... don't get distracted by the nurses!

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