Title           Liberation
Game Type       RPG
Players         1
Compatability   CD32/AGA+CD

Liberation is the sequel to the acclaimed Captive, and follows a
similar premise. This time you are remotely controlling your team
of four robots from you mountain hideaway, in an effort to reveal
a massive government and corporate cover-up concerning malfunctioning
police droids killing people in custody.

This was an ambitious game for the fledgeling CD32 platform, with a
lengthy intro and cut scenes, orchestral CD-audio tracks, and lots of
digitised speech. The scope of the cities the game takes place in is also
ambitious... the police departments, libraries, bars and so on all run to
the cities local time, opening and shutting as appropriate. You also run
into a large array of incidental characters, who you can ask for clues,
directions and more. You can even break into people's houses in search of
cash, although such illegal activities quickly attract the attention of
the police.

The interface you use to do all this is sophisticated, and gives you an
unfathomable amount of control over your droids, to the extent of
modifying their internal circuits to boost performance! The graphic
presentation is also good, with 3D objects used to represent other
characters. However at the end of the day the game becomes repetitive...
once you've completed the first one or two missions, elements start
repeating themselves, and you lose any sense of progress.

Initially engaging, Liberation falls short of the over-ambitious goals it
sets itself.

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