Title		Lemmings
Game Type	Puzzle
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	All
Submission	Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

"Platform" doesn't really do this game justice.... and that's why Lemmings
hasn't been put in that category. That and the fact that Den said unless I
created a new "Puzzle" category, and put Lemmings in it, not only was he
not going to play anymore, not only was he going to take the ball home,
but he was going to get my street dug up, so that even if I could afford a
ball I wouldn't have anywhere to play with it. ....Sorry.
Anyway, in Lemmings, the well known PUZZLE game, you control a small army
of ...erm Lemmings, who must be guided across a hazardous landscape to the
level's exit. This is complicated by the fact that your charges will not
patiently wait for your decisions, they haven't got time for that, they'll
keep on marching, probably over the nearest cliff. Lemmings come in a
variety of professions though, so you can assign one Lemming to
redirecting his friends, while another clears an alternative route. This
is the game's major appeal, solving the puzzle that the landscape provides
you with by clever and quick utilization of your Lemmings. It's cute, but
it's also brutal and amusing. This was an important game in the Amiga's
success story, and is well worth having.

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