Title		Leander
Game Type	General Action
Players		1
Compatibility	Amiga 500
Submission	Snowy@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de

Don`t let yourself be impressed by the supersmooth scrolling of the
background. If you think the "Beasts" from Reflections made it, you are
wrong. Andy Ingram and Jon Burton programmed this masterpiece. Up to 60
Sprites on screen at the same time, need I say more?
	What is this game about. The usual. Princess Lucanna was kidnapped
and now our hero must fight through 3 Worlds/22 Levels. For this mission
Leander, our hero, is well prepared and what he does not have, he may gain
during play. His armour can be upgraded six times and the colour of the
armour can tell you how many hits Leander can take. All sorts of weapons
can be found, from a simple knife up to a Lionsword, Runebombs and a
specialty, the self-desctruct and kill everything else bomb. While playing
you might run into a shop where you can buy all sorts of things, provided
you have collected enough money while finding treasures and looking at
dead enemies.
	Leander is controlled via Joystick and it is a bit like "Strider",
and even if you sometimes think so, Leander isn`t an unplayable graphics
	What you miss is the Psygnosis-typical Intro and Outro and the
sound effects are not what you might expect to be when you see how much
work was put into the graphics part of the game. Although you do not
notice that too much since the ingame music distracts you from that.

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