Land Of Genesis

Title		Land Of Genesis
Publisher       Clearwater Interactive, 2001
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Submission	Tony Aksnes


Background story

Back in the days when we had CU Amiga and Amiga Format etc there was a
preview of a new turrican style game. That's many years ago now and the
game never came out. In 1999, however, Darkage got the rights to publish
this game, but a few months later Crystal Software wanted to publish,
still no game and we had already seen pictures and read that the game had
been ready for a long time, but it wasn't! Clearwater Interactive (The
Offspring of Crystal Software?) finally published Land Of Genesis and
released it. The game took 3-5 years to develop, mainly by one man and
was finally finished in March 2001.

The Game itself

First of all you are presented with a fairly oayk intro, but due to BAD
loading its rather dull and doesnt mean much. After the intro it starts to
get better, the Cdda starts and you get a nice menu screen where you
can select all the normal stuff, such as Skill of player etc. After you
have selected your options and so on, the game starts and at first glance it
looks like a game from the Sega Megadrive (early 90's) but who said that
such games aren't any good? After all its a Turrican clone. Level 1 is
kind of hard at first and rather uninspiring compared to the other levels in
the game so if you get past level 1, that's when the game starts getting
good. The number 1 thing about this game must be the old school mixed
classic music, and thats what made me play this game all the way till the
end three times already. The graphics in the game are okay, they show its
age but they do the job just fine. Controls can be a bit frustrating as
there is no CD32 pad or Psx port support here, and since you must use
"SPACE" and "ENTER" for weapons etc, well, its a bit frustrating.

More Info

The Game has five big levels (Spaceship shooter (horizontal) on level 3+)
The game take advantages of your 040 or 060 and will add Parallaxscrolling
and transparency to the game. (looks a lot better) The Cdda Sound is great
and it gives you (well, me at least) a really good retro feeling.

Final Note:

When this game got released there was a bug in the game and this bug is a
big playbility killer, the bug can be fixed if you install the Update
patch for the game and this bug is found on the website to clearwater. The
game is more or less impossible and level 1 is too hard (even if you
select EASY) if you dont patch it. It will also fix the ENDING of the

Final Score: 85%
(worth every penny  of the 20 Euro asking price.)

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