Title		Lancaster
Game Type	3D Action
Players		1
Compatibility	All?
Submission	graeme.r.porter

One of the fastest, smoothest 3D arcade-style shoot-out's I've ever seen on
the A500, Lancaster is set during the 2nd World War.

You play just two of the crew of the English Avro Lancaster bomber; for the
journey to and from the target, you are the tail gunner, and must shoot down
a variety of German aircraft, otherwise you'll owe your life to silkworms...

Over the target area, you are the bombadier, and must drop your bombs on a
variety of buildings.

The 3D section of the game features very basic models and copper-listed
skies, giving maximum speed.  There is a real sense of motion, as the
movement is fluid.

The sound is excellent, featuring really gritty engine noises, and fairly
good machine gun sounds.  What is really good about the sound is the
digitised speech.  Featuring typical "What ho, old chap"-style accents, and
real "bandits, bandits at 6 o'clock" terminology, it really gets you in the
mood for old war movies.

What lets Lancaster down is the fact that it is just too darn easy - during
the tail-gunner sections, you just point and click, and down he goes.  Just
like the bomb run section - point, click, and the bomb hits the target,
every time.

Other than this, it is a fantastic game, certain to reduce your mouse to a
quivering wreck...  Spares are essential...

Overall Rating - 78%

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