Lamborghini American Challenge

Title		Lamborghini American Challenge
Company		Titus (1994)
Game Type	Driving
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	1 Mb
HD Installable  Yes (WHDLoad Patch)
Submission	Kristian Hesketh Profiled Reviewer

Lamborghini is a classic sprite based parallax-scrolling racing game from
back in 1994. When it was released it received mixed feelings from the
Amiga press, because although it was a great game, it was almost identical
to it's two year old prequel, Crazy Cars 3, with the added gimmick of a 2
player option.

Judge the game, without considering the events around it's release, and
you discover that it's a real gem of a game and certainly the best sprite
based racing game on the Amiga! A bold statement that requires
justification, I think you'll agree.

The whole game is based around illegal races that take place throughout
America. You bet on the outcome and try your best to win every race, not
forgetting that all the other evil racers will also be attempting this.
You start the game with a Lamborghini Diablo with a modest amount of cash,
with your aim being to become champion of the top division of the races.
In the lowest group you need to raise about $50,000 to get a chance at the
next division.

You start your first race and accelerate away with the fire button
(Although you can use "up" to accelerate i.e. if you're mad) and soon you
find yourself twisting and turning through the seething mass of vehicle
madness that is the American highway system. The handling is beautiful and
the roads are well designed, so if you fail to win a race it's usually
your fault which is always A Good Thing.

Not all the cars on the road are racing and so skilful manoeuvring is
often necessary to avoid the slower cars. If you hit the back of a car it
is quite hard to avoid it again as you accelerate away and your damage will

As the game goes on the races get longer, harder and more rewarding. The
police are out to get anyone over the speed limit of 110km/h and I usually
drive flat-out at 272km/h. Once the extremely fast cops are on to you it's
quite hard to finish the race, let alone win it, but you start the game
with one Turbobooster which is just enough to make the Police forget about
you, if you use it well. Rain makes the control of your car painful and
there are a number of road obstacles just waiting to slow you down.

The obligatory shop contains all manner of exciting goodies for any
would-be racer including speedups, turboboosters and more original ideas
such as, Police detectors, radar jammers and night-vision goggles.

There are tough smudges on an otherwise great performance. If you do fail
to win a race, it's almost not worth continuing. You really do have to win
all of your races to do well enough to progress. The save game facility is
also a bit naff, it only saves when you have gone up a division and I have
only managed it once when the HDInstaller refused to save it.... It's
alright now though I am assured.

This could almsot have been a review of Crazy Cars 3, except for the 2
player option which is exactly the same as the main game, but with 2 human
cars. Interestingly, both players have to complete the "divisional
challenge" before the next division can be played.

The game is better that the Lotus series because of all the extras and the
better game design. Racing through Highways at night being chased by the
Police is just more exciting than most other racers. I think the handling
of the cars is nicer than Lotus too. There is no serial link option, but
it's so underused in other games anyway.

The game is brilliant and comparing it to "modern" attempts such as
TurboRacer3D and even FlyingHigh (without the handling patch) is quite
pathetic to say the least. Ahhhhh.... They don't make nostalgia like they
used to.

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