The Lost Vikings

Title           The Lost Vikings
Game Type       Platform
Company         Interplay/Silicon&Synapse 1992-3
Players         1
Compatibility   All
HD Installable  Yes
Submission      Glenn Trewin (

Normally I don't like buying older games as I've had a lot of trouble
with them running on my 060/PPC card, not so with this one, it runs fine
on both my 2000/000 and 1200/060/PPC 3.1 also it's HD installable which
is a must for me nowdays.

  -The Game-
The game itself looks like just a standard platformer, until you realize
that only one of the characters you control can jump, yes thats right you
have more than one, you have three and all must reach the exit before you
move to the next level.  Here lies it's differance with other platformers,
each of your characters have different skills which need to be used in
combination to defeat each level,  Erik is fast and can jump, also with a
special move he can headbutt certain walls so you can get to objects,
Baleog is your fighter, using Sword and Bow, Olaf is a defender using a
Shield which he can also place above his head, this allows Erik to jump on
top of it, also he can use it as a hang glider.

I was surprised how much I liked it (the game) as I when bought it I
noticed the box was in German (Sie Wollen einfach nur nach Hause!),
controls are good using the "DEL" and "HELP" keys to toggle between
characters, this works well, the only gripe I have is the method of
transfering objects between characters but this is a minor detail and
not used all that much.  It can be a little boring at first, as after you
have learnt what each can do you will fly through some levels, but later
on you will wish you had three hands :).  All in all a nice game with nice
clean graphics, although not much in the way of sound, well worth playing.

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