Leisure Suit Larry 2

Title		Leisure Suit Larry 2 Goes Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places)
Game Type	Adventure
Company		Sierra
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Submission	Adrian Simpson Profiled Reviewer

Good old Leisure Suit Larry. His perennial search for sex is the stuff of
classic comedy, isn't it? Well, no it isn't. It's just badly written,
unfunny rubbish. This is how not to do it. The Secret Of Monkey Island is
how to do it properly. Other examples of how to do comedy properly are
films such as "To Be Or Not To Be", "Bringing Up Baby", "The Life Of
Brian", "The Holy Grail" and "This Is Spinal Tap". Also see "The Simpsons"
for some decent jokes.

If you haven't figured out the plot yet, take a look at the unamusing
lengthy title. You can guess the whole plot and jokes from it. The actual
game is a classic point-and-click style adventure. You click on part of
the view and Larry waddles slowly from one uninteresting scene to the next
until you finish the game or become inspired to commit some sort of
outlandish suicide.

The graphics are up to the usual Sierra standards at the time and
essentially they are pretty rubbish, even for the time. All Sierra games
were straight ports of PC originals and as such the graphics remained the
same as on the PC. I once read a boast by Sierra that they could port one
of their PC games to the Amiga in a couple of weeks. While this meant more
games released more quickly, it also meant that Amiga owners were treated
as second class users of the software. We didn't buy Amigas to play
sub-standard PC games.

One advantage of the straight-from-PC conversion of Sierra games was that
they were all hard disk-installable. As the games usually came on multiple
disks, this was pretty much essential. More companies should have followed
Sierra's example in this respect.

We can file the Leisure Suit Larry games with the other clichéd output of
Sierra. This series is the sexist, clichéd rubbish, the King's Quest
series is the fantasy, clichéd rubbish and the Space Quest series is the
science fiction, clichéd rubbish. The other Sierra adventures can go under
miscellaneous, clichéd rubbish.

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