Lost New York

Title           Lost New York
Game Type	Adventure
Author		Neil deMause (1996)
Players		1
Compatibility	All (with interpreter)
Submission	dledgard@hotmail.com

This is regarded as one of the top ten modern interactive fiction text
adventures. You start the game on liberty island as a tourist, the ferry
service is closed due to bad weather, so you have to find another way off.
This way is a time machine that transports you back in time, and lets you
witness first-hand the development of the city in four centuries. Make
sure you collect all the objects you can find before leaving each scene as
you can't go back, and will probably need most of them. This game has some
nice touches like subway trains pulled by steam engines, civil war
veterans at the turn of the century, and quotes from Mayors of New York
e.g. "The spirit of pulling down and putting up is abroad. The whole of
New York is rebuilt about once every ten years". There are a host of NPC's
(non player characters) to interact with, all though they only perform a
limited amount of actions.

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