Knights of the Sky

Title		Knights of the Sky
Game Type	Flight Sim
Players		1 or 2 (in Serial/Modem Link)
Company		Microprose
Compatibility	All
Submission	Richard Byrne

 Hmmm... I doubt I'm going to make any friends with this review, but then
thats not why I'm doing this, so...

 KOTS is a world war 1 flight sim, which changes as the war progresses. I
know for a fact that many people love this game sighting it as a fun and
easy to get into classic with atmosphere and the works. As the opening
line suggests, I am not one of them. No, I see it as a potentially great
game that is ruined by a hoard of stupid faults. Like:

 You take to the air in your rickety machine and head over France and the
trenches to German held teritory. Checking the tactical views you are told
that there are NO ENEMIES IN RANGE, but mere seconds later three German
planes will swoop down behind you from 30,000 feet at hundreds of MPH and
wreck your plane before you've been airborne for five minutes. Now then,
whats wrong with this-

 1) the planes move about ten times as fast as the stats state, while you adhere
    to them.

 2) your rate of climb is SLOW, how then are you meant to compete with Huns that
    can swoop and dive without regard for horsepower.

 3) they come from behind you. That's France! How exactly can you play against
    *INFINITE* enemies which start around your home bases?

 4) later the game decides to also ignore the difficulty settings, and single
    shots will either a) destroy your rudder b) destroy your aerolons c) kill YOU.

 They have infinate ammo too. It's a pain to run from harddisk on AGA machines.
Maps are WAY too large given the speed your planes go at. Friendlys are
rubbish pilots AND not, for example, infinite in number.

 Ha! I can see hundreds of you jumping up and down yelling "No! No! It's great.
It's got smooth graphics, serial play, is crammed with historic facts and
period music, blah, blah, blah!"

 Maybe, but it is too stupid to be fun. Go play TFX. Really.(smacks A500 owner
who was about to mention something about not working on their machine)

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