Klondike III AGA

Title            Klondike III AGA
Type             Strategy
Publisher        Reko-Productions
Players          1
HD Installable   Yes
Submission       Kev Gill

         As card games go, this is one of the all time classics that will
not die. If you can move your mouse you can play klondike. If you are 5 or
105 you can play klondike.

        The game is a simple Patience clone ie black 6 on a red 7. ( Kings
down-2.), Cards are tuned over 3 at a time. The Aces start a different
pile at the bottom right hand corner of your screen , where you stack up
(Aces-Kings) When this pile is completed the game is won. I am completly
klondike mad now. The first time many years ago when I played klondike I
played it, then stored it away as many other people do when they get
another new game that has just come out. Since then I rooted through my
old disk and found it again. From that moment I read the docs and really
never turned my back on the game again. Many other people are like me
because there has been hundreds of new cardsets created and different
tools made to create cardsets, view them, covert etc.

       Klondike can be played on both AMIGA and PC's.  Amiga cardsets have
(reko) after the cardset name. PC cardsets have (rpk) instead. Amiga
cardsets will work on Pc's but Pc cardsets have to be converted to Amiga
format. This can be done by using Convertreko by (Deok-Min Yun) with no
problems. YOU can make cardsets of your own. Klondike has also got in-game
music, YOU can make your own. This is how personal the game can be and why
KLONDIKE WILL NEVER DIE! This game has made me many friends around the
world. Kind regards  Kev...   ( collector of cardsets for klondike )

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