Kid Gloves 2

Title		Kid Gloves 2
Game Type	Platform
Publisher	Millennium, 1992
Players		1
HD Installable  With WHDLoad Patch
Compatibility	With Patch
Submission	Adrian Simpson Profiled Reviewer

I must admit that I am somewhat biased towards Kid Gloves 2, as it brings
back memories of my early Amiga days when I used to play the demo from a
magazine. I hadn't played so many games then, but thought it was fun. I've
played some more games now and I still quite like it.

Originally, Kid Gloves 2 was to be called Little Beau, but it was
presumably changed to cash in the the Kid Gloves name, which was
well-known in those days from the C64 and Amiga versions.

Technically, the game is pretty rubbish. There is no parallax scrolling or
indeed very smooth scrolling at all. The colour palette is pretty bright
and the main character looks like he has just stepped out of a gay pride
parade, with what looks like lipstick and long, blonde hair.

It is really just a Wonderboy clone. You make your way across the platform
levels, hitting the bad guys with your dagger, which can be upgraded to a
big sword or an axe. There is a power indicator, which allows you to hold
down longer on the fire button for more impact.

You can collect coins and health potions, avoid the poison, leap about,
avoid spikes and fly in a balloon. There are also a few arcade machines,
where you can play a horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-up and gambling
machines. These allow you to upgrade weapons and gain more goodies, so
it's not essential to complete these.

All pretty unoriginal. But, somehow the game wins you over with its jolly
music and happy graphics. There's a great sound sample too, when you
collect a key. A deep voice says, "KEY!". These little touches are the
sort of things that you remember in a game years afterwards.

It all sounds a bit rubbish and it's not a particularly remarkable game,
but I like it. So, there!

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