Kick Off 2 (Second Review)

Title           Kick Off 2 (Second Review)
Game Type       Sport
Players         1-4
Compatibility   Disable CPU Cache for KS3, HD Installable
Submission      Isaac Abraham

Hmmmm. Another game, like Elite, that people raved about for months on end. I
wasn't too impressed with Elite, but when I saw this in my local second hand
shop for 1 I bought it anyway. Having played Kick Off already, I knew what
sort of game to expect - fast, frenetic action. However, I have to admit to
being quite unprepared for this game. It is just as fast, if not faster than
Kick Off, and much, much harder, not only to score but just to pass it
around and so on. SWOS, and also Sensi Soccer, are far, far easier to get to
grips with. You can do headers, lobs, and curled shots, just like SWOS, but
it goes so fast it's often very difficult to carry out these moves. There's
the option to play the World Cup, Friendly, leagues, that sort of thing,
with 1-4 players. In single player mode, there's really not that much to add
to its longevity. However, in multiplayer mode (notable 4 player mode), the
game comes into it's own. With three other players, and a four player adaptor
(and four joysticks), you can play two people per side, either with the
computer choosing the closest player to the ball, like usual, or you can "be"
a player the whole match, for example becoming the winger for the whole game
or something like that. Great stuff!
However, overall, I don't think this game really is as good as Sensi Soccer,
let alone the all conquering SWOS. If you see it in a bargain box for a few
quid, it'd be worth buying for a piece of history and a quick go, but if you
want the best game, SWOS is definately your best bet (on ALL formats!!!).

(A few days later....)

I`ve just got hold of CUCD #, er, well, the one with Scalos (which doesn`t
install properly, btw!) and SWOS World Cup on the cover, and read the review
of this game off the database. Sorry, but I don`t agree in any way at all
with this review, and as I`m in a bad mood now because my mouse port has
fallen off my A1200 and I`m going to have to spend about 30 quid getting it
repaired, I`m going to do a bit of a review assassination now. Sorry!

1. The bugs in KO2 do not add to the game in any way possible. However, I
must agree you don`t know what`s going to happen next - will your goalkeeper
fall asleep or will the game hang?
2. You must have the reactions of a very fast reacting thing to play this
game properly on the pro skill levels. By then, the game no longer resembles
football, but merely a contest of who can manipulate the speeding pixel.
3. KO2 is no where near as good as Sensi Soccer, let alone SWOS. This is
IMHO, but I`m right in this case, because I already established that SWOS is
the best football game ever in my review of SWOS elsewhere, so there :o
4. The pitch is no way in scale to the players.
5. Calling KO2 a "seminal classic" is incorrect. "Bug ridden arcade game"
(not "football sim") is correct.

Apart from that, everything else the original reviewer said I`m happy with
(as far as I can remember). Blimey, this is turning into a newsgroup,
complete with flames...

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