The Killing Game Show

Title		The Killing Game Show
Game Type	Platform
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Submission	Andy Thomas (

 Another game from the Psygnosis stable, so as you'd expect, another
cracking intro with the vaguely ED209ish walker you pilot in the game
doing a little weapons test.  Yum.
 This was actually a quirky little platform game.  As I mentioned, in the
game you are in the form of a walker and you have to keep moving upwards
constantly as a toxic liquid slowly rises up the screen.  If I remember
rightly this was actually quite a nice effect with reflections on the
 This wasn't a game I really got into; it was a bit too tricky for my
taste, although it was quite innovative, combining aspects of shoot 'em
ups with the platforming side of it, and of course there was the added
pressure of the oncoming liquid.  All in all, an interesting release from

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