Title           KGB
Game Type       Adventure
Players         1
Company		Cryo/Virgin Games 1992
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   All Amigas (1Mb)
Submission      Darryl LeCount (

I will start by stating that there is only one simple phrase that can
describe this game adequately: Politically incorrect.

Let me explain; this game deals head on with the politics of communist
Russia.  You are placed in the role of a new-bred KGB agent just starting
out in his new job, with an extremely unfriendly partner, an even
unfriendlier supervisor and a rather eccentric boss.

Your first mission is to search a former KGB agent's office, thankfully
without the 'assistance', of your extremely unhelpful officemate.
Complete the mission successfully and you'll find yourself with a tape,
take it back to Vovlov (the middle man), and listen to him whinge on about
what you did wrong no matter what you did.

Following this, a quick look in your inventory reveals a gun, and....LOOK!
A USE icon.  Oh, and look at this.  You can use items on yourself.  Yes,
the temptation does exist to shoot yourself and you can do it.  Shame you
get fired for wasting human resources after wasting yourself.

KGB has very little in the way of bad language, no nudity, and no real
violence (graphically anyway) but the subject is so adult that you
wouldn't dare let it near your kids.  You have encounters with a cultist,
two prostitutes and a Russian mafia boss - all quite realistic.

Graphically, KGB has some lovely pictures of Russian streets, which break
up the rather tacky and (fittingly) drab in-game graphics.  Animation is
virtually non-existent: not unless you count people walking as being a
hollow rectangle moving around.

So, dodgy graphics, awful music (which thankfully can be turned off), and
a not particularly friendly user-interface rule here.  But the game keeps
you going because of the incredibly involving storyline and taxing
puzzles. But it's still more fun shooting yourself.

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