Jungle Strike

Title 		Jungle Strike
Game Type	General Action
Players		1
Compatibility	All
HD Installable	Yes (with Patch)
Company		Hyperion Software
Produced by	Electronic Arts
Submission	Stuart B.  (billways@engineer.com)

The sequel to Desert Strike, Jungle Strike strives to take the game
further. Which it does in a way, it is just as exciting to play, but there
is a lack of `polish' compared to Desert Strike, almost as if someone was
just in a hurry to produce a sequel and cash in before the miggy went the
way of the ST.

The `feel' of the helicopter just lacks something in the movement, and it
doesn't tilt forwards/backwards according to the direction your flying in,
just little things like - Not being able to use a second fire button to
change  weapons (Which you could in Desert Strike) and that's about it,
but it's these niggles  which spoil the feel of what is a brilliant game.

If you've not played either game, we're talking about flying a nicely
animated helicopter over a fairly large and well drawn forced perspective
map, on a variety of missions including Seek and Destroy, Rescue etc.

Hit the fire button and start your Campaign. Don't bother changing
Co-Pilots as Mike is the Best you've got, until later on in the game when
you hopefully Rescue a better one!.

I won't say much about the missions, just a brief overview of Campaign 1
to give an idea of how the game progresses, with each mission being
slightly harder to complete, the learning curve throughout the entire game
is smooth, so you won't suddenly find a point you just can't get by.

Campaign 1 sees you in Washington, where you have to protect monuments,
find a terrorist leader (Who is one of a faction of terrorists who have
taken over Government buildings), stop some car bombs blowing up Embassies
in the City. Which you really need to check the map for (F10 - use the
Joystick or cursor keys to navigate through the options) as if you don't
approach just right, it's goodbye Embassy. Rescue an agent, escort the
President's limo and capture a sniper for valuable information.

All in all a busy first level, and further Campaigns are not picnics

Through the game, you'll have the chance to pilot a Hovercraft and an
F117A, the hovercraft is fun, but like all the missions, keep an eye on
your stores.

Pay particular attention to your fuel level, it may just be my opinion,
but when it warns you that your fuel is low, it's usually too late!

On some Campaigns it is a matter of selecting the best route to use, to
make the most of the sparse supplies of Fuel and Ammo. On more than one
occasion I cursed myself for destroying an enemy Tank with slightly too
much aggression, causing me to destroy the armour or fuel that is left
behind when you taken the vehicle more delicately.

There are hidden stores throughout the game, and a speed winch which will
allow you to grab those stores much more quickly, but as you progress
through the campaigns you will find that these become more difficult to

You will find yourself starting this game over and over again, not because
you didn't avoid enemy gun fire, but usually because you ran out of fuel,
or ran into a building.. Picture it, your flying along in a snow covered
expanse, you rattle the stick hard left to swing round for a shot, but the
momentum carries you in the same direction you were headed.. And  bang,
you collide with a water tower.

The momentum can be used to your advantage, to swing round enemy missile
Launchers and turn the chopper round to get a shot in and without losing
much momentum, avoid the incoming missile while not missing him with yours.

This game is definitely one to have, even if you have Desert Strike, you
won't be disappointed. You may miss being able to strafe like you could
in DS, yet will find yourself engrossed in each Campaign.

I had heard that there was an AGA version. Unfortunately, I have never
seen it, though I really would like to compare them if there was.

Now, who'll give me the Source for Soviet Strike, there's no reason why
that couldn't be made to run.

 Have fun.

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