Title		Jetstrike
Game Type	General Action
Players		1, or 2 non-simultaneous
Compatibility	Amiga 500
Submission	Terry Everest

      Note the game type which I have stated,  Jetstrike is unfortunately
not a flight simulator so look elsewhere if thats what you're looking for.
It is  a game which involves flying a plane, yes, but only in two
dimensions !  Feel free to leave if you are stunned by this.

      The game is viewed rather like a platformer , the plane is sideways
on to you and is a small but functional sprite.    Obviously there is
absolutely no attempt at perspective and the ground is just like another
platform in this game. Imagine your playing Zool or Bubble Bobble,
Fire and Ice or New Zealand Story. This platformer though involves a plane.

       "How do you play?" I hear you ask and here's my answer,  there are
a number of game options available which include Missions, Stunts,
Combat, Landing and a two player option.  In the two player game the
first player attempts a mission for which points are awarded on completion
of each part and for "quality" of flight and landing.  A quicker flight is
better "quality" and perfect landings give better scores. So the two
players compete with their 2D airmanship and after several rounds he who
has the most points is the winner.

        The missions are fair tests of skill and include such tests as
flying around balloons, through tunnels and landing on other runways etc
etc. The modes will keep you occupied for quite a long time if  you like
playing the basic game which is controlled by joystick and employs pilot
controls (down is up). There is a strange twist however and the controls
are reversed when you fly in the opposite direction bearing in mind that
flight is either left or right this can cause crashes and other mistakes
when you are least expecting it.

      If you do enjoy silly but fun games this is fairly playable and my
brother John considered it to be a fair game, the close competitions
between him and I on this game reflect its strongest point. It also has
some tough missions where you can partake in tough dogfights, shoot at
convoys of trucks and tanks or try to land a bomb on a small target.

      For the  experienced player and for those with taste, this is no
game to be associated with and it is certaintly not worth enquiring about.
What you really want is one of many true flight simulation games which
give the true thrill of flight and combat all in glorious 3D. { If you
have an A500+ like me then I  can recommend Dogfight which is a simple
flight sim allowing you to enter one of six historical air battles and fly
as either of the sides. There is a great combat mode which allows just a
dogfight  but completing the tough missions is far more rewarding ,and
whats more there is a what if?  mode which allows you to fly a major
aircraft from any time era  and fight against your choice of enemy, again
from any era. You can choose the amount of computer opponents and this
allows for some ridiculous set pieces. For those of you who enjoy an easy
kill you could take on a German Fokker triplane with your F-16 or the
brilliant Sea Harrier. When you improve try taking on two or three Fokkers
and you might just find yourself on the losing side. Then  for a real
challenge try firing up the legendary Sopwith Camel and take on the
modern giants such as the MiG or the Tornado. If you have a good Amiga go
for the latest game you can get because vast improvements were made in
later years.

    To conclude the review of Jetstrike I will praise it for its ease of
use and choice of plane as well as the elements of fun and skill in equal
measure.  The problem is that I can,t  take it seriously and it will never
be played obsessively or thoughtfully. You will eventually tire of the
idea and once you complete some of the mission elements it will become
largely disused. I will award it 45% or  worth 55% if you like tacky, fun

"Chocks away ,lets all play other flying games than this one "

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